Valve Features
  • Maximum Capacity.  Main valve chamber has an interior
    diameter of 5 1/2".  The smaller chamber has an interior
    diameter of 4".

  • Minimum Training.  Proficiency is quickly acquired to
    incorporating Humat Valves into your attach procedures.  1/4
    turn of the handle for full operation.

  • Simplicity of Design.  Only one manual control for complete
    operation.  The handle position immediately indicates
    whether the interior butterfly valve is open or closed.

  • No Reverse Twist.  Operation is equally efficient with
    smaller chamber in up or down position depending on
    location of fire.

  • Flow Never Interrupted.  Water flow is increased from
    hydrant pressure to pump pressure automatically with no
    interruption of flow when pump pressure is activated.

  • Versatility.  Flanged couplings are available with virtually any
    nonstandard thread or waterway size, including Storz type