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The Humat 4-way Hydrant Valve, is used by innovating fire departments
in every state and is relied on for training by leading fire schools.  Using
Humat valves is the most efficient method to get the most water on the
fireground in the least amount of time.  It is made of lightweight aluminum
alloy for easy handling, heat treated for extra strength and hard coated to
prevent corrosion and increase surface strength.
Mission Statement
Humat's goal is to manufacture the best water-handling equipment available,
to adapt such products to the changing needs of the fire service, and to
provide the best possible service to our customers.
Humat, Inc.
Technology for the Fire Service

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There is No Next Generation Humat Valve
Another company has come out with a hydrant valve and says "The Next
Generation Humat Valve is here!"
.  This is false.  There is no next
generation Humat Valve, a next generation is not necessary.
The Humat Valve has proven to be the easiest to use, most efficient way to get
maximum amount of water on the fire in the least amount of time. The Humat
Valve has demonstrated this over many years and is still doing the same fine
job today.