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Humat Inc. is the creator and manufacturer of the Humat 4-way Hydrant Valve,
used by innovative fire departments and fire training schools across the USA
and around the world as the most efficient method to get the most water on the
fire ground in the least amount of time.

Valves are made of lightweight aluminum alloy for easy handling, heat treated for
extra strength and hard coated to prevent corrosion and to increase surface
strength. Incredibly durable and designed for ease-of-use, Humat valves provide
an exceptional return-on-investment to fire departments regardless of size.
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International +1.410.879.1470
Fax 1.410.836.5138
About Us

Bob Hughes, Hurley Matthews (retired, Baltimore County, MD FD and former
volunteer for the Blacksburg, VA FD) and Nick Borst founded Humat, Inc. to develop
and market to the fire service products that improve water handling on the fire
ground.  Our primary product - the Humat 4-Way Valve - employs a modular concept
that permits fire departments to use Humat valves regardless of hose size or thread

As needs of fire departments change, Humat valves can be easily modified at the
fire station to accommodate any change in hose size, threads or connectors.  
Maintenance is performed at the fire station using our  maintenance tips.   Parts can
usually be shipped out the day after we receive an order.  
Nick Borst
Mission Statement
water-handling equipment available,
to adapt such products to the changing
needs of the fire service, and to
provide the best possible service to our