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We at Humat, Inc strive to live up to our slogan “Technology for the Fire Service”.  We realize that our success has been primarily the loyalty of our
customers and we thank you sincerely for that loyalty.  We also find that because of the nationwide down turn in the economy we have some time
available in our plant to dedicate to developing new products.  With that in mind we are asking all of our loyal customers the following question:

  • Looking at the needs of your individual department, if you were able to decide what product or
    accessory on your “wish list” that you would most like to have and that is not available to you at this

We, at Humat will endeavor to develop and provide that product or accessory to you at the most reasonable cost possible.

We have a couple of products that we had put on the back burner.  The first is a fire scene distribution box. It could be delivered with
our butterfly Simpla-valve and couplings, either screw threads of any size or LDH Storz couplings in any combination so that you could
pump into or out of either port.  We could ship this in 4-6 weeks A.R.O.  It is pictured below:


The second is what we call our version of a “Play Pipe”.  We have developed this product only as far as the proto-type. That proto-type
is pictured below:


  • If you have any interest in either of these products please email us at New Ideas and we will provide
    further details of that product.

Thank you all again for your loyal support that has kept us in business successfully since 1975.

Bob, Hurley and Nick (The 3 founding partners)

P.S. - Please keep us in mind if you have or run across photographs of our Humat Valve on a hydrant during a working fire or training
that we could use on our website. The fact that the hydrant used is almost always farther away than what you have available at the fire
scene, it makes it difficult to get good photos. Thanks RHM Vice President of Humat Inc. (retired career fire officer and active